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About products


All photos taken are from real products.

Since the lighting during photo shooting and configuration of computer monitor may vary in each ones' computer, there may have a slight discrepancy in color between real products and the photos. 

Since all products are measured manually, there may have a slight discrepancy (within 1-3cm) in size between real products and information given. 

We highly recommend customers comparing their own clothes against our products for a more precise estimation before placing an order.

韓國商品 (Korean Collection)

100% 韓國入口商品,款式、剪裁及質料都十分優質。
All items are 100% imported from Korea, come here to get Korean ladies' look!

別緻商品 (Chic Collection)

Shop the latest, chic and affordable women's clothing here!

韓國鞋款 (Korean shoes)

Korean shoes are measured on the sole length of the shoes, but not the foot's size. Also, all shoes have a certain thickness and each person's foot may vary in foot length and width; taken these into consideration, it is recommended to pick a bigger size when comparing to normal size.